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Dr. Ellis Orozco  |  Senior Pastor | 972-235-5296 x122

Dr. Ellis Orozco joined our church in 2009, bringing experience and energy with him. Born and raised in Houston, Pastor Ellis graduated from Texas A&M in engineering, holds a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary and a Doctorate from Truett Seminary of Baylor University. Pastor Ellis has preached at events across country and worked on mission trips around the world. He and his wife Priscilla have three children: Gabriel, Michael and Celeste.


Dave Eberhart Executive Pastor 972-235-5296 x128
Renetta Montgomery Senior Director of Operations 972-235-5296 x132 
WORSHIP ARTS             
Andy Swanner Worship & Creative Arts Pastor 972-235-5296 x107
Vicki Schmidt Children's Worship Pastor 972-235-5296 x109
Josiah Warneking Contemporary Worship Pastor  972-235-5296 x121
Drew Doss Associate Student Pastor 972-235-5296 x185
Fran Walker Associate Children's Pastor 972-235-5296 x123
Ivy Lassiter  Children's Pastor 972-235-5296 x123
Paul Magyar Senior Adult Pastor 972-235-5296 x106
Matt Thigpen  Young Adult Pastor 972-235-5296 x139
Randy Robertson Student Pastor 972-235-5296 x185
Bill Webb Adult Sunday School Pastor  972-235-5296 x126
Ron Evans Missions Pastor 972-235-5296 x142
Tammy Gray Ministry Associate 972-235-5296 x139
Amanda Pritchard Associate Marketing Director 972-235-5296 x105
Carole Ann Waid Event Team 972-235-5296 x140
Cheryl Boyanton Finance/HR Director 972-235-5296 x125
Jim Westfall Facilities Manager 972-235-5296 x111
Kandace Hass Event Team 972-235-5296 x124
Tracie McCormick Event Team 972-235-5296 x122
Cammie Tisdale Administrative Specialist 972-235-5296 x120
Frances McLaughlin Office Manager 972-235-5296 x130
Hayley Wiggins Kid's Worship Coordinator 972-235-5296
Kim Smith Administrative Specialist 972-235-5296 x176
Liz Farmer Administrative Specialist 972-235-5296 x108
Pat Wortman Administrative Specialist 972-235-5296 x188
Rae Crouch Receptionist 972-235-5296 x101
Stephanie Bowlin Administrative Specialist 972-235-5296 x137
Michele de Miranda First Kids Director 972-235-5296 x189
Kim Kramer First Kids Administrative Manager 972-235-5296 x144