Back Pack Bash

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Backpack Bash

To donate, text BACKPACK to 972-235-5296 or give to the Backpack Bash here.


Backpack Bash
2260 Backpacks 5,000 Backpacks


63% of students living in poverty…that was before the COVID Crisis

300 students who are homeless…that was also before the COVID Crisis

4 Elementary Schools who have 90% or more of their students living in poverty…that was before the COVID Crisis as well.


Well, what did Jesus do? He LOVED people. He HEALED the sick. He ACCEPTED the marginalized. He SURRENDERED His life.


He MULTIPLIED fish and loaves and FED 5000 people.

5000…Now THAT’S a GREAT number!! Two years ago, the people of First Baptist Church blessed 500 students with backpacks and school supplies. 11 months ago, the same people multiplied their reach and blessed 1000 students with backpacks and school supplies.  Today, we are encouraging you to DO WHAT JESUS DID and MULTIPLY His reach into Richardson and the students of RISD.



While COVID has been challenging our community, the staff at First Baptist Richardson have been working diligently to figure out the best ways to serve our community. We have collected truck-fulls of food, repackaged over 12 TONS of rice, beans and pasta for The Network and now it’s time to bless our local students as they prepare to return to learning in just a few short weeks.  We also have to help them do this in the safest way possible. In order to accomplish this we have developed partnerships with RISD, other faith-based and corporate partners and key companies in the educational circle including EPI and Chillus Promo Marketing to create a COVID safe backpack with supplies for each student.  Our goal is to bless 5000 students (sound familiar?) with these backpacks and supplies in time for the start of school on Wednesday August 19th. We’re asking for you to partner with us in blessing these students. For just $20 you can help us outfit a child with a technology protective backpack filled with RISD approved school supplies, pre-packaged to prevent contamination and ready to be given to a student in need.  Text BACKPACK to 972-235-5296, click on the link below or found in your email, find us on Facebook at FBCR MISSIONS to find the donation link or to track how many backpacks we are supplying.



To Donate towards the Backpack Bash:

Text BACKPACK to 972-235-5296 or visit Backpack Bash



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Ron Evans Missions Pastor 972-235-5296 x142