Building Construction

United We Build

In 2016 we completed the first phase of a multi-phase visionary plan for the campus. Members and guests now meet and mingle in the spacious front Lobby bounded by a two-story glass wall, and enjoy coffee from a new coffee shop. We now worship in a dramatically improved and updated Worship Center with modern, comfortable individual seating, and significantly improved lighting, LED display screens, and a spectacular new sound system. 

We invite you to join us for Sunday School and worship on Sunday, or just stop by for a cup of coffee and let us say hello. It's an exciting time at First Baptist Richardson. Come and see next Sunday.

Our goal from the outset has been to make our facilities as welcoming as our members are, and to enhance the worship experience for members and visitors alike. 

These wonderful upgrades to our campus have been made possible by the faithful financial support of our members.  Thank you!  


Q: Is the coffee shop open at any time besides Sunday mornings? 
A: Yes! For now, we're serving coffee on Tuesday mornings for BSF International and Sunday mornings before and after service. You can park close to our front entrance and enter in the glass doors.

Q: Are we done with construction?
A: For the immediate future, but we still have long-term plans for further major additions and changes, starting with a new Children's Building and chapel.   

Q: Was this phase completed on budget?
A: Yes. Knowing from experience that there would always be additional, unforeseen costs of construction, we included a contingency in our construction budget. The contingency amount was sufficient and the project was completed on budget. A late addition to this phase of the project - large LED displays in the Worship Center, replacing projectors and smaller screens - was financed by special contributions from a few families, over and above their pledged giving to the United We Build campaign. 

  1. Did we receive United We Build contributions in the full amount pledged?
  2. Yes! Church members pledged to give $6.6 million over the course of three years to finance this first phase of construction, and we have received contributions in excess of that amount.
  3. Are United We Build contributions still being accepted?

Yes. We borrowed $3 million to cover the cost of construction of the Lobby and the renovation of the Worship Center over and above the anticipated United We Build contributions. Contributions that are now being received are applied directly to reduce the principal amount of construction debt.

Q: How will new buildings help us to grow?
A: By adding new and welcoming face for our church, and a gathering space where we'll enjoy fellowship with each other and visitors; by making possible a more meaningful worship experience that will encourage visitors to make further connections with our church; by enabling, in the near future, further technological outreach such as video streaming of our worship services; and by making it clear to our community that this church, which has been serving the Lord for 152 years, intends to continue being a force for Him in the coming decades. 

The facilities are the least important thing under construction here. We intend to build lives centered around Jesus Christ.

Q: As a member of this church, what can I do?
A: Rejoice in what God has made possible for our church. Invite your friends. Do your part in making visitors feel welcome. Pray that we will put the new lobby and renovated Worship Center to the best possible use for our Lord.   



Renetta Montgomery Senior Director of Operations 972-235-5296 x132