Love International

Serve Global

FBR connects through strategic partnerships with missionaries, seminaries, organizations, and churches around the world. We have three global region-specific strategies through 2019:

Evangelism and Muslim outreach.

In England, we are partnered with Anna, who is building relationships and sharing Jesus with students from Muslim regions around the world.

In the Ukraine, we are partnered with Allison. Through Michael Gott Ministries, she invests more than half of her year sharing Jesus as she teaches 2-week English courses to Ukranian students, business men and women, and their families.

Community development projects supporting clean water, health, and education

We are partnered with Charlie Michalik with Thirst No More. This organization partners with local churches to establish clean water wells in communities in the name of Jesus.

Church Planting Movements

We are partnered with Act Beyond and also present in the Middle East in efforts towards church-planting to the ends of the earth.


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