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First Baptist Richardson and COVID-19

Our Plan in Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

All of the leaders, pastors, and support staff of First Baptist Richardson have worked out a plan for moving forward as a church in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a general rule, our leaders and pastors have decided to do all we can to obey the directives of our national, state, and local authorities, and encourage our members to do the same.

UPDATE: The Church Council recently made the decision, reluctantly, that our church must postpone the planned July 12 reopening of worship services. The decision was not an easy one.

Like most of you, the members of the Council have eagerly anticipated being able once again to gather with you in the Worship Center to give honor and praise to our Lord. But the news of sharp and continuing increases in COVID-19 diagnoses in Dallas County and throughout our state, which seem to follow closely on recent relaxations of restrictions on in-person gatherings, has led the Council to conclude that it would be unwise to proceed with the previously-announced timing of resumption of meeting in our Worship Center.

If you are understandably disappointed, please know that we share that disappointment. We especially regret the uncertainty of not being able, at this time, to give you a new date on which we expect to again join in collective worship. We do, however, believe that this decision--reached after careful and prayerful thought, including consideration of your health and safety and our scriptural obligation to be good citizens of the community in which we live--is the most prudent one.

Since the pandemic arose you have continued to be God’s church in every way possible under these circumstances. You will still be able to connect online every week via worship on Sundays and groups. We are proud to be your fellow church members and look forward to seeing you again.

Please feel free to contact any of our pastors or the church office if you have additional questions or concerns. We will keep you informed as we continue to gather information. Our office number is (972) 235-5296