Counseling Center

Counseling Center

Growth and flourishing are at the heart of the Counseling Center at First Baptist Richardson. We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary in October. Over the past five years we have expanded from one office and two part-time therapists to three offices and five therapists. Our team is passionate about walking with those who are ready to grow, flourish, and embrace change. 

As we enter 2019, we are excited to announce that we will be expanding our offices. After working with First Baptist Richardson for years it became apparent to all the leaders involved that in order for this counseling team to continue to grow and expand its impact on the community, we would need to consider moving off-site. As a result, the counseling team has decided to go through a rebranding process, launch a “new” group practice that will continue in the good work that has been already established. We will also continue to partner with First Baptist Richardson in offering some of the best mental health services in Richardson. In order to achieve this big growth goal, we had to consider what needed to change.

Jenna Mountain and Kimberly Galindo have been leading the counseling center since its inception. They have been intentional and thoughtful in the process of transitioning the counseling center at First Baptist Richardson. First and foremost, the client experience is paramount to any other detail. This transition has been strategically planned in every way possible to limit disorientation experienced by our current clients. On the contrary, they believe that the majority of the transition will create a positive and improved experience in many ways.

Second, Mountain and Galindo desired to protect the counseling staff in their transition process. Clients are indirectly impacted when counselors are unnecessarily burdened. All counseling staff will transition with Mountain and Galindo to the new group practice and will be given expanded opportunities at the new group.

Lastly, but not by any means least, Mountain and Galindo wanted to protect the amazing work that has been done at First Baptist Richardson in a manner that benefits all involved and allows FBR to continue to offer low-cost mental health services to those in need with the help of the same great team.

With that said, we are thrilled to announce the establishment of Aspen Haus Associates, LLC. We have taken all the good that started at the Counseling Center at First Baptist Richardson and breathed new life into it in a way that will continue to bless the greater Richardson community. Our new offices are located in Richardson near the current FBR location and will offer improved amenities to current and future clients. We are excited to invite you to join in celebrating this transition. 

We will be transitioning in stages. The first stage will continue to serve clients at FBR under the new name. Please to use the following to contact our office:

Phone: (972) 294-3691

Updates will be made as needed. Check back for more information.

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The Team at the Counseling Center at First Baptist Richardson