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First Kids Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9am - 2pm

Daily: 8am

2pm - 3pm
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Classes for Your Child


Take a peek into any of our classrooms and you’ll see children and teachers having a whole lot of fun. But there’s more to First Kids than playing around. We believe that play is one of the best ways a child learns. Whether we’re babbling with babies or building with blocks, our lessons and activities have educational goals and objectives for all ages, even infants. Our curriculum covers all areas of development from language, literacy, math and movement to creative expression, socialization, spiritual growth and scientific discovery. Best of all, our curriculum activities happen to be a whole lot of fun! Come visit and let us show you what really happens when we play.


WEE Learn (for Infants/Babies): A comprehensive curriculum using books, music, nature, and toys to illustrate Christian fundamentals and nurture development.

Itty Bitty Bookworm (for Toddlers-PreK): Hands-on, creative curriculum with a Bible component. All activities and lessons are related to quality children’s literature.


Chapel is held for students 3 and older on Monday mornings at 9:20! Ms. Molly reviews a weekly Bible Story, and dives deeper with activity. Don't be late!


Did you know that the greatest predictor of a child's future success isn't IQ?

It's "stick-to-it-iveness". In other words, it’s not about how smart you are. It's about how gritty you are. Research shows that the most successful students are those who demonstrate 'grit', a character quality that enables them to persevere and problem-solve in spite of setbacks. So how do we instill this thing called 'grit'?

What can we do to ensure our kids are equipped to handle all that life throws at them?

At First Kids, we've launched the Thinking Lab to help students develop a resilient mindset and a resilient faith that will carry them through all of life's challenges from spiritual and social to academic and emotional.

Each week our preschoolers in F building visit the Thinking Lab where they are encouraged to create, imagine, brainstorm, take risks, fail (yes, even fail) and try again. Lessons and projects include loose parts, tinkering and open-ended making, plus STEAM challenges (STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).

Through age-appropriate opportunities that purposefully allow students to explore, experiment, fail, fail and try again, we can begin to develop the 'grit' and resilience children need in order to successfully persevere in all areas of life, including their faith.


Music and movement obviously go hand in hand. During classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we incorporate Bible stories, Bible songs and prayer to reinforce Bible concepts as well as the importance of music in worship and praise to God.


Our yoga class teaches our students how to breathe, relax, balance and stretch.  Recent studies show that yoga at an early age, teaches students to self soothe and self- regulate their bodies and emotions.


First Kids is excited to offer a Preschool Drama Class for late care children from 2-3 pm on Mondays! This class is included with your Monday late care costs.

Kidokinetics-Optional Add-On After School Class-

First Kids is excited to offer Kidokinetics starting September 2020. 

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Amanda Powell First Kids Director 972-235-5296 x1189
Kim Kramer First Kids Administrative Manager 972-235-5296 x1144