Aineo Student Camp


Parent meeting:

July 2, 6:30 PM


July 6, 8:00 AM


July 10, 4:00 PM

Students will need money to purchase one meal on the way to camp and one meal on the return trip.



Our Camp is called Aineo, which stands for “I Praise”. This is a time for 7th-12th graders to get away from the normal routine for a week in the summer, and spend time connecting with God and others. Our camp at Sky Ranch Cave Springs provides an environment that enables guests to focus on God while enjoying the natural beauty around them. Camp is one of the best events for students to meet new people and experience worship in a special way.  

We invite your student to come and see what awaits this at this incredibly memorable camp.

Aineo 2017

Dates: July 6-10
Cost: $400 per person
Location: Sky Ranch Cave Springs – Quapaw, OK
Speaker: Kyle Knighton
The Gladsome Light

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